How do I set up an HP wireless printer with HP Easy Start?

From windows, set up an HP printer, and connect it to your wireless home or business network using the HP Easy Start, a guided application to install and set up HP Wireless printers. Follow the underneath steps to set up and install the hp Printer

  • For easy installation, connect your printer to the network or restore setup mode. Setup mode activates the first time you turn on the printer.
  • Now connect your printer to the network by clicking the Wi-fi button for 5 seconds.
  • Now go to and enter. Now enter your printer model in the search box to download the easy Start.
  • Once downloaded, install it following the on-screen manuals.
  • Now open the application and it will automatically detect the available printers and network to start the set-up process.

In case, your printer is not detected, clicking on my printer is not shown and follows the troubleshooting guide.

  • Once it finds the printer HP Easy Starts will connect the printer to the same network. Follow the on-screen guidance.
  • It will lead you to choose the software and driver screen. From there you need to choose the full software and drivers which suit best for your printer.
  • Now the application will download the necessary software and your printer is all set to use.

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